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DevelopErie works with your company to review your project needs and recommend financing alternatives utilizing local and state programs and grant opportunities. Many of these programs can be packaged to work in conjunction with each other.
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Technical Services

DevelopErie has a proven track record in grant identification, procurement & monitoring. We work with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Our combined expertise includes project development, land recycling and environmental remediation, community and government outreach, market research, and transportation and infrastructure development.
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Land Recycling

DevelopErie and affiliated agencies have completed 14 land recycling projects totaling over 250 acres under the PA Land Recycling Act of 1995.
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Real Estate

DevelopErie has developed nine business parks throughout Erie County to date. In addition to the parks, DevelopErie owns several stand-alone industrial and commercial parcels for a total portfolio of more than 750 shovel-ready acres.
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DevelopErie's President & CEO, Katrina J. Vincent

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JANUARY 1, 2016 – 2016: A note from our President & CEO

January of 2015 marked the beginning of my tenure as President and Chief Executive Officer of the DevelopErie organization. It’s appropriate to begin the new year by taking stock: looking at what we’ve accomplished and anticipating the new opport...

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NOVEMBER 11, 2015 – KLN to sell chip plant

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Twenty-four hours a day, employees in Waterford are churning out truckloads of potato chips, popcorn and other snacks at a plant filled with millions of dollars worth of new equipment.
That's not expected to change,...

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Learn more about us & how we help develop Erie, PA.

DevelopErie, formerly the Economic Development Corporation of Erie County, serves as the lead economic development agency for the Erie, Pennsylvania region. DevelopErie is a private-public partnership comprising seven organizations with one staff and one mission to:

"Develop Our Region's Economy and Increase Our Region's Prosperity."

DevelopErie works to create partnerships that provide our region's businesses and organizations the programs, products and services they need to be successful.



Erie is located in northwestern Pennsylvania and has a metropolitan area of approximately 280,000 residents. The city provides easy access to major markets such as Buffalo, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, through interstate highways I-79, I-86 and I-90.


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